12 December, 2012

Just Be Normal

Hello again. This attempt to break through the writer's block of months gone by will have a more personal tone than the few previous posts. Initially I'd hoped to keep myself out of the equation in these writings, however, purely informative writing simply won't do. It is personal experience that guides our view of life and where we fit in the world. With that, let's march on.

Kate Moll a lovely person and wildly skilled Yogi & teacher, was a pivotal inspiration to me when learning to teach. From her I learned to teach as the truest version of myself. She bid adieus to our graduating class by wishing us to go forth and be living embodiment of dancing in the rain.

She told a story that went like this: 
At a certification course held by Dharma Mitttra, a fellow student of Kate's exhibited a level of reverence to her teacher that bordered on lunacy. Tears, big sighs, and obsessive attention paid to her guru eventually become a distraction to the others in the course. Finally, at the graduating ceremony, Dharma Mittra lovingly passed out certificates to each student. Pausing at his worshiper, he hands over the paper, then grabs it away quickly. Looking this student straight on says: JUST BE NORMAL.

Not to say the girl’s behavior lacked integrity, but that the exertion in her reverence clouded her intention. Others around her, Dharma Mittra included, felt an air of melodrama and theatrics rather than gratitude and lightness.

The Lesson? 

Authenticity comes from your bones. Revealing your true self can come as easily as a fulfilling breath. The trick is remembering to inhale.

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